Monday, July 16, 2007


Reality day.

This morning at 9:00 a.m. I, and several other people, will be sitting in the Dallas Immigration Court located in the federal courthouse at 1100 Commerce Street, Room 404.

We'll all be there for one reason: Jose, our friend.

Jose is a bright, 18-year-old young man whose always been a good guy. Never caused his parents any problems at all. Just finished high school. No drugs. No drinking. No gangs. No violence. No trouble with anyone.

Jose came to the United States as a much younger boy. His parents brought him here when they came from Mexico. They, like millions of others, came without proper documentation. They came to work, and they found jobs, plenty of work to do here. They came for a better life. No one stopped them. Lots of people hired them. They built a life in Dallas.

Earlier this spring, Immigration and Custom Enforcement officers arrested young Jose and his cousin, Monica at a high school "Senior Skip Day" party at a farm outside Greenville, Texas. [For more details on the troubling experiences of Jose and Monica, type "Monica" in the search feature above.]

Today Jose appears before the Immigration Court. He will be represented by an able attorney.

Our prayer list this morning includes three items: We are all hoping and praying that the judge will be lenient and delay any decision on Jose for several weeks or months.

Second, we are praying that the immigration prosecutor will exercise his/her administrative discretion, dismiss the charges and let the case die.

Third, we are working hard to convince the U. S. Congress to pass some version of "The Dream Act" that would provide protection for young people and children who have been in the country for many years, who have displayed good character and who want to continue their eduction.

Please remember Jose this morning. Remember his parents and his entire family. Remember the judge.


Anonymous said...

praying for Jose and Monica and the process this morning. Imigration is a tough issue and I don't pretend to have all the answers, but thank you for the light on the possitive side of what is needed in imigration reform.

owldog1 said...

I also pray for Jose and his family this morning. Please let us know the outcome.

I agree we need the dream act to be passed. Is it close?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the predicament of Jose and his cousin Monica. It is fortunate, however, that they have much support, including "able" lawyers. Many others in such situations do not.