Wednesday, December 12, 2007

D Magazine's blog roll

I don't appreciate self-promotion. Then again, I guess to be honest every blogger must own up to some of that ego-driven urge to speak.

Whatever the case, I'm proud to say that DMagazine recently included Urban Daily on its "Blog Roll" list that claims to identify those blog pages that its readers judge to be most important in Dallas.

Hopefully, being included on this list will help us get our message out to a wider audience. At the same time, I'm hoping that exposure to our focus neighborhoods will help bring about needed changes for the benefit of everyone in our city.

Thanks DMagazine! We needed that.

View the entire Blog Roll at:


Daniel Gray said...

Larry, it looks like Bush shot down the round 2 version of SCHIP today:

Anonymous said...

Robert Wilonski gives you guys consistent pub on the Dallas Observer blog "Unfair Park" as well.