Thursday, August 28, 2008


And just when I was certain that I'd heard and seen just about everything related to poverty and homelessness in the U. S., along comes University of Michigan student Stephen Mills.

HUVs for our homeless (as in "homeless utility vehicles")?


Maybe Mills is just facing some hard facts about how difficult it is for communities to find the will to put an end to homelessness.

The photos are worth at least a thousand words. This snippet should whet your appetite for the whole report:

U-M grad's art project aims to help the homeless
Michael H. Hodges / The Detroit News

As final-year art projects go, Stephen Mills' was a little unusual. Most every art-and-design senior at the University of Michigan was pulling together a thesis that involved a painting, a statue or something more conventionally artistic.


He designed and built a shelter on wheels for homeless people.

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Eric Livingston said...

I think it would be great to have these in production. Just like a soup kitchen isn't a long term solution for an individual or a family's food needs, so this wouldn't be a long term solution for housing. But in emergent cases or temporary situations I could see how these would be of benefit.

I would definitely choose the HUV over a park bench or underpass.

Anonymous said...

Very clever. Useful, and makes a point. If we wouldn't really want these as our solution to homelessness, maybe we should be working more diligently toward something better. Like CDM is!

belinda said...

copy & paste this link:;jsessionid=24ACF21479532715EAD5A253C63D859D?diaryId=2433

Gina said...

I think it's great..anytime someone is helping others and compassionate towards others who are less hat is off..

Tonight after singing the old hymn Rescue the Perishing this morning..I saw a group going through the abandoned buildings looking for homeless to get them out of the city..Isn't that wonderful..I think the name of the organization was Caring for the Homeless??? Do you have any information about this group (I may be wrong about the name)..It just reminded me of what it meant to sing that song and of the parable of the 99.

T. Michael Cart said...

This is, perhaps, one of the most relevant and useful ideas anyone has come up with that would actually help homeless people to mitigate the unforgiving environment in which they live. True, it's chief impact exists in the short term, however, to many homeless, the short term is the reality of their situation...measured between the mile markers of frequent hunger and various tiers of desperation. A short term fix? You bet. And a good one at that.

Home Free Organization said...

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