Monday, December 15, 2008

"Sweetheart, just tell them I'm a professional beggar!"

A few years ago, when Joanna, our youngest daughter, was wrapping up her masters degree at Texas Tech University, she called one evening to ask me a question.

"Dad, I'm doing a paper on the sociology of our family. One of the questions relates to what our parents do professionally," she explained.

"What do I tell them you do, Dad?"

Of course, I understood her confusion. I'd been a minister in the church context for about 25 years. Now I was doing the Central Dallas thing. . .but, what exactly was that anyway?

I didn't hesitate in my reply: "Sweetheart, just tell them I'm a professional beggar!"

With that in mind, and in view of the Christmas holiday, take a look at this.

Merry Christmas! And, don't forget us in the New Year!

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Lynn Leaming said...

May the Lord continue to bless you as you beg for His cause. Especially today may you once again feel His promised presence of comfort. We celebrate that Mildred has won the race, but grieve with you that are suffering another loss. May the Lord sustain you once again.