Saturday, January 17, 2009

Urban Connection--San Antonio

Six years ago, Central Dallas Ministries planted an urban ministry outpost in San Antonio.

We started with a great leader, Leslie Kelsie-Grubbs and a strategic location, Lincoln Heights Courts on the tough west side of this important city. We called our new operation Urban Connection--San Antonio.

Today the ministry thrives. Last last year, UC--SA became an independent non-profit corporation when it received its 501 ( c ) 3 status. The organizational by-laws direct that CDM will always seat two members on the board of directors. So, CDM will continue to be involved in a very hands-on way with UC--SA.

Read more about the progress in the San Antonio newspaper today.

Check out the UC--SA website here.

Congratulations to Leslie and the entire UC--SA team!



Frank Bellizzi said...

This is good news for San Antonio. The Jan. issue of the Christian Chronicle tells the story of an unconventional Church of Christ in SA (Alamo City Church) and their on-going work to re-start the CofC Bible Chair ministry at SA College, a two-year school with about 25,000 students.

As I've learned at Amarillo College, a large percentage of junior-college students are first-generation. A Bible Chair in a place like that can serve to give direction and encouragement to young people who truly need it.

Anonymous said...