Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Meditation: "This is my church. . ."

Lots of us these days are wondering about how "church" ought to be redefined more in line with the spirit, values and life of its founder.

Where are we to stand and what are we to do when it comes to the marginalized, the oppressed and those who are routinely taken advantage of? What has this to do with being church in our world today?

As an Easter Meditation, I offer the following clip from the classic 1954 film, On the Waterfront.

Anxious to know your ideas after you watch it.


Anonymous said...

Great clip. And much truth.

At age 88 (or so), Karl Malden made what was so far his last appearance in a tv show -- The West Wing. He plays a priest, asked to come to the White House as fictional President Bartlet wrestles with a death penalty situation. You can read the dialogue between the two characters here -- (at the very end of the episode's transcript):

Malden as a priest seems to speak truth whenever he plays such a character

Randy Mayeux

Lynn Leaming said...

As always Larry you come up with a unique way to hit the nail on the head. Church is not a Sunday event it is an everyday life. Thanks for another heart piercing reminder. Now I have to watch this classic movie, don't think I had ever seen it. Blessings on your ressurection celebration.

George said...

Great stuff, Larry. Thanks for the reminder. Easter is about the victory of God over the principalities and powers, the vindication of a life lived in keeping with the kingdom of God. Let's keep working to make the church that kind of people.

George Mason

Larry James said...

Thanks, George! Appreciate your comments. I consider you a leader in the quest you describe. Hope to see you at the prayer breakfast on April 21, if not before.