Friday, April 17, 2009

Urban Connection--San Antonio Part 1

In 2002, Central Dallas Ministries "planted a sister organization" in San Antonio, Texas.

We began with a very strong leader, Leslie Kelsie-Grubbs and a challenging location--the Lincoln Heights Courts public housing development located on the tough west side of the city.

Since the beginning days, growth, progress and real change has occurred, thanks to the work of Leslie and her very capable team.

As you'll hear Les say here when speaking of the community's improvement, that our presence "gives people permission to do something different."

I'll be posting video updates so that you can appreciate what has been accomplished with much more one the way!

Community development at its best!

To learn more and/or to become a partner, go to the website.


Eric Livingston said...

I grew up in San Antonio. Besides having the best basketball team in the entire state of Texas, and, moreover, the whole country, San Antonio is a great city.

The church I was at in San Antonio, Northside CofC, does some work with UC, and several folks from church there work passionately with UC. Shout out to Donna Hoyack!

I really appreciate SAUC and the great work that organization does for my favorite city.

Jeremy Gregg said...

Leslie is my shero!

These video blogs are fantastic, Great way to capture the soul and spirit of your work.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in San Antonio but I think your blog is awesome because people tend to get their permissions from places they get information from. To state this Idea is absolutely accurate. I work at a drug rehab and we lead by example.