Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CityWalk@Akard--all about people and homes

CityWalk @Akard is now leasing up!  To read a feature story in today's edition of The Dallas Morning News click here

Last week, after four challenging, at times maddening, years, the property located at 511 N. Akard in Downtown Dallas received the certificate of occupancy needed to open the basement through fifth floors to office and residential tenants. 

If you follow this blog, Central Dallas Ministries or the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation, you know about CityWalk and its development.

Of course, the real story involves the people who will live and work in the 206 units of housing and the retail and office spaces available in the building.

Two hundred units will provide high-quality housing for low-income residents by the definitions of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.  Of those, fifty units are set aside for formerly homeless persons.  Six of the units, all located on the top floor, are market rate condos designed for sale.  All six have been sold. 

The basement through the third floor will house retail and office tenants, including the administrative and law offices of CDM and the offices of the CDCDC.  Additional business and non-profit tenants will join us on the building's first and second floors.  The basement will provide storage space for tenants as we open. 

The mixed-income, mixed-use nature of the project lead me to think of it as "a neighborhood in vertical."  It really is about like a city block that enjoys an unique mixture of uses, personalities and opportunities.  I can't image a more interesting place to live or to work. 

For us though, the real story involves the people who will live in the building who've come through rough, challenging times. 

People like Sharon Tillis.  Take a moment and read her moving story here on the CityWalkTalk blog

I'm eager to meet Sharon.  I know she will be a good neighbor.


Lee said...

Larry, congratulations to you and your team! Your leadership always benefits ALL of Dallas.

Ross Cochran said...

Congratulations, Larry. And well done, friend. I know this was an effort of a large team, and I appreciate your leadership in it...

Anonymous said...

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