Monday, June 28, 2010

AmeriCorps and "Food on the Move"

Want to see our summer lunch innovation in action? 

What to see children served healthy meals by AmeriCorps members who've been there? 

What to see a national model for innovation that could change the way U. S. Department of Agriculture delivers meal services to millions of children every summer?

You've got to check our the story found here!


Anonymous said...

I had rather see children served healthy meals by their parents.

Larry James said...

I expect everyone would agree with you on that one, Anon 1:18. But, short of that, what do you suggest? That children go hungry? That we ignore them and their families? That we simply act as if they aren't there and that all of their families should be punished, ignored or worse?

Anonymous said...

The liberal agenda is to have as many people dependent on government as possible because it translates to votes. In addition, it takes the responsibility off the parents where it belongs. Why should the parents take care of their children if they can get the government to do it? By the way, where do they get dinner?

rcorum said...

In this country there is no reason for a child to go hungry. I was lucky. I was born into a family who loved and provided for me. A child does nothing to cause his hunger. My wife is a teacher and spent many years teaching in the inner city, and she will tell you that the positive impact on a student with a full stomach is measurable. It is fine to be conservative. I am, but we throw away enough food to feed many third world countries. Maybe you did not mean what came across to me. I hope so. In a broken world there are far too many parents who just are not there for their children. Why should the children pay the price for the failings of the parents? Even with the food these children will still face terrible odds, but the food at least gives the a chance.

Dean Smith said...

Next year (in Austin) we plan to involve parents in the planning and execution of this mobile delivery system. It just makes sense if you can pull it off.

Anonymous said...


So you are going to have one big commune?

Whatever happened to food stamps so they can feed their own kids?