Thursday, February 24, 2011

AmeriCorps on congressional chopping block

The current budget proposal coming from the U. S. House of Representatives completely eliminates funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service that includes AmeriCorps and VISTA.  Cutting this initiative would be short-sighted and foolish.

The return on investment in AmeriCorps to American communities turns out to be enormous. 

Think about it.

Students sign on to serve in communities of need and disadvantage, and in exchange receive an educational award at the end of their term of service, as well as a small stipend, health insurance and even a child care benefit, if needed.  The education award must be used only to pay college tuition or to retire college debt. 

In exchange for the benefits, AmeriCorps members take assignments in youth programs, mentoring efforts, community development projects, housing construction, architectural work, children's education programs, health and wellness centers--the list goes on and on. 

Here at CitySquare we've enjoyed the benefit of a large AmeriCorps team that has allowed us to bring innovative programming to many low-income communities in inner city Dallas.  It has been amazing to watch our AmeriCorps team members work hard to benefit others.  It has also been thrilling to watch them grow, learn and extend themselves beyond the boundaries of their beginnings!  We've hired a number of the members following the completion of their national service.  Typically, AmeriCorps members "sign on" for a life of community service as a result of their experience as an AmeriCorps member.  One of their mottos, "Getting Things Done!" really gets at the essence of AmeriCorps. 

Here's how you can help TODAY:

Please write, call and/or visit your member of Congress and your two Senators to express your support for fully funding the Corporation of National and Community Service.  You action could help save a vital, American expression of our commitment to higher education and community service. 

For information visit

For information about contacting your member of Congress and your Senators visit and

Act now to help save AmeriCorps!


Anonymous said...

I would hope AmeriCorp is not like Organizing for America, which is a tool for Obama's radical agenda.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything that is NOT a "tool for Obama's radical agenda"?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of cutting it. Way to go congress!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently an Americorp's member......If you are for cutting any program that would help a child in the classroom. You are just selfish. We are helping others at the same time paying for our own education. What the world is wrong with that ????

Anonymous said...

Maybe ACORN could take over the funding!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if people left their ideological baggage at the door and actually looked at facts.