Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beyond the limits

I'm not sure why I love fast cars.

Probably lots of reasons, not a few of which can be traced back to my teen years, my cousins and the culture of my southern upbringing.

Included in the list of my explanations I'd have to put "going beyond the limits." 

Race cars, especially the Indy type, blow my mind with their speed. 

I'll never forget my only live experience with Indy cars.  Several years ago I attended an IRL event at the Texas Motor Speedway. People who don't understand or appreciate speed will ask me, "Where's the sport in watching a bunch of cars go round and round a race track?" 

My answer is something like, "Everywhere!" 

I can' t explain the rush that accompanied each lap as the cars blasted by my position in the stands alongside the track. 

WOW!  What speed!  Talk about breaking the limits!

Sunday I'll try to watch as much as possible of the 100th running of the Indy 500

In all of the excitement, I can tell you I'll be watching for the limit-breaking speed!


rcorum said...

Is is ok for a preacher to say that Danica Patrick is hot? I never was much into watching car racing on TV until a few years ago I just decided to watch the whole race. I could not believe how interesting it was, and how they could calculate everything. Larry, you are a liberal, but a very cool one.

Anonymous said...


Try not to leave a hickey on Larry's behind.


rcorum said...

Pretty sad when a person is call a butt kisser just because I said something nice about Larry, but I hope your little symbol at the end takes a bit of the edge off your statement.

Larry James said...

RC, yep, we don't lack for some real class commenters here! Of course, they never have the spine to sign a real name. Probably led a prayer in church today! Just saying'!