Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Lunch numbers

For several years now, CitySquare has contracted with the Texas Department of Agriculture to provide the summer lunch program to children who receive the benefit during the school year.  The logistics of providing so many meals to a "scattered" population are challenging to say the least! 

Sonia White directs CitySquare's Nurture, Knowledge and Nutrition division which administers the food delivery program during the summer, as well at to a growing number of program sites during the year who operate after school programs.  Sonia has been recognized as a state and national leader in childhood nutrition and feeding programs. 

Here's a rundown on our summer numbers:

In 2009, we had 142 sites where we served approximately 382,800 meals to 10,000 children, total. For the mobile, that included 18 stops, 50,000 meals to approximately 1800 children. We had 5 sites in Austin, where approximately 150 children were served 3000 meals.

In 2010, we had 213 sites total, where we served approximately 717,000 meals to 17,000 children. For the mobile, that included 95 unique sites, 285,000 meals to 8000 children. In Austin we again had 5 sites, where approximately 200 children were served 6000 meals

We are projecting that in 2011, we will have 258 sites serving over 26,000 children, over 1,100,000 meals. The mobile would make up approximately 100 unique sites, 500,000 meals to 10,000 children. The Austin project would have 37 sites, 50,000 meals to 1200 children.

Even with this amazing growth, there are still 275,000 children in Dallas county eligible for this program who are NOT being served through our sites. I would guess that MAYBE a combined 25,000 of these children MIGHT be served through other sponsors in Dallas County.


Lorlee said...

Some years back, there was a feeding program -- I believe by the City -- in the park on my street. We spent the entire summer picking up milk cartons and lunch debris. Those in charge felt no obligation to instruct the children to clean up after themselved, they felt no responsibility to do so and I couldn't get the City to pay any attention either. And since trash at that time was picked up once a week from the park, the prudent thing would have been for the program to bag it and take it with them.

I am sure your programs are handled in a much better fashion, but just share this experience to shed light on why there may be resistance in some areas.

Larry James said...

Yes, we make a concerted effort to leave things as we find them, or even better in many cases.

Anonymous said...

Do the parents not eat or do they eat and allow their children to be fed by others?

Anonymous said...

Low income families find it difficult to put 3 squares on the table a day. That's the wage reality.

Anonymous said...

The parents may get to eat precisely because they "allow their children to be fed by others." Holy cow! Do we really have to argue about feeding people? We're not talking a gourmand's delight here. This is not dinner at an upscale steakhouse. It's simple food so people don't go hungry. Anon 6:42, I'm struggling to withhold judgment, but your comments make it seem as though you have a heart of stone.