Saturday, November 12, 2011

A tribute to a dog. . .

Prepare to shed a tear here!

This video sent me off down a long memory lane with my own children and, now, my grandchildren.  It also set me to thinking about pets and children from extremely low-income families.  There are a number of dogs in our building here in Downtown Dallas, home to over 250 low-income folks. 

Watch.  Consider.  Enjoy!

[Note: I posted this before learning of the passing of our family's beloved Griffey on Friday. He was an amazing dog. R.I.P., Griffey. We'll never forget you. With much love, Granddad]


Anonymous said...

I had that dog!

For another inspiring human/animal story, take a look at this:

I don't want to start a theological argument, but it's really hard not to think that they have souls, too.


belinda said...

i just can't watch. AND . . . ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. i'm convinced of that.

Auberon said...

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