Friday, July 20, 2012


A very small, "typical" (if such a denigrating term can be tolerated here) sparrow hopped into my pathway ths morning as I hurried up the rain-soaked sidewalk. Strange moment. The tiny winged creature worked hard at finding breakfast. I gathered coffee in an heroic effort to awaken to the day. The bird did the trick! Something about our dance captured my undivided attention. My little friend, clearly aware of me, stepped nearer into my path. For just a moment, a very clear moment, we both, aware of the other, greeted; extended greeting with presence and knowing connection. The delicate, brown creature moved toward me, no doubt to seize some falling crumb or seed, and I toward him to study the precise colors extending from his crown and down and across his feathery, mural-graced back. We stood in the same frame for but a breath, then moving on, having truly seen one another. Life, a sheer wonder every day.