Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wanna buy a house?

Three years ago, the W. W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation convened a group of organizations involved in providing housing and support services for the homeless population of Dallas.  CitySquare and the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation received invitations to join the consortium.

We began working hard and, after about a year, we had a plan and a concept.

The Cottages at Hickory Creek is to be a planned community of 50 small, highly efficient cottages in a secure environment that will provide homes for 50 of the "most expensive," chronically homeless persons in Dallas County.

By "most expensive" we mean those folks who consume the most emergency medical services, the most ER and public hospital expenses, the most in psychiatric services and the most in criminal justice costs for this part of our population.

We even have a list of 250 names of these "most expensive" homeless persons.  The average cost per person to the county, not including non-profit costs from organizations like CitySquare, is $40,000 annually!  And, that is to keep a person out on the streets of the city.

Once inside one of the cottages of our conceived project, we estimate the costs would be under $15,000 annually.

We've worked now for 3 years.

We still don't have the funding worked out to take advantage of the Caruth Foundation's generous matching challenge--for every $3 we raise, the foundation will contribute $1.

Recently, the group recommitted to the process of seeing these homes built.  The Central Dallas CDC (i. e. John Greenan) is working on public funding.  CitySquare is working with churches and asking congregations of faith to "buy a home" for a neighbor.

Each cottage will cost $50,000, all in, to build.

So far the church outreach is gaining momentum.

Once built, CitySquare will provide the community development, concierge services and a medical services presence.  Metrocare (MHMR of Dallas County) will staff a psychiatric clinic daily.

Would your church or faith community be interested in buying a house? 

If so, I'm eager to talk to you.

After the homes are complete, the underwriting congregations will have an opportunity to "connect'" with the residents.  That's when the magic will break out, I guarantee you!

Let me know.  214.303.2116

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