Friday, December 14, 2012


Children mowed down in their classroom.

Elementary school children.

And teachers at school doing their jobs to guide, educate, shape and encourage our precious national treasure.


The time has come, and it's long overdue, for serious action to control the distribution of weapons in our nation.

There should be no argument whatsoever about outlawing automatic assault weapons completely.

Over 40% of the weapons sold in the U. S. today are distributed from Internet websites that require no registration or qualification process.

Have we completely lost our minds?

Is this what the framers of our constitution meant by the Second Amendment?

No, it is not!  

Things have degenerated to the point that a plausible suggestion would be to legalize drugs and outlaw weapons. Such dual action would likely drive the level of violence down so far in this nation that we actually might find a better way to live and a safer place to raise our children.

There is no sensible argument remaining today for the purchase, marketing, manufacture or ownership of automatic assault weapons.


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rcorum said...

This is one where you and I are in total agreement. I think assault weapons have no place in our nation. I had a great day hunting today, but after I heard the news I wanted to throw my guns away. Having said that I think the problem is much deeper than assault weapons. From the reports I have heard the killer did not use an assault weapon. He used two pistols. I am troubled about the level of depravity in our country. I am troubled at Hollywood's glorification of extreme violence. I am troubled at the neglect of people who are mentally disturbed and don't get the help they need. I wish there were easy answers, but I just don't see them. Right now I just feel crushed. Larry, it could happen to any of our own grandchildren. One final thing. I think the President should convene a blue ribbon panel of the brightest minds in the country in a bipartisan way to seek deeper answers.

Larry James said...

.223 Bushmaster. Google it. Asto your comments, RC, AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we pass laws against insanity, and murder? After all, it is the human who manipulates the instrument. Oh, I forgot, we have laws against murder.

rcorum said...

Larry, I stand corrected about the assault rifle. It seems from what I have read that the mother was a gun enthusiast, but I am trouble why her son was able to get her guns. I just don't want the politicians to talk and talk and do nothing. As I said, this is a multi-level problem. Our country can and should do better.

Anonymous said...

The deepest, most difficult problem is serious (psychotic) mental illness. How do we predict and prevent such incidents - virtually all of which are committed by people with serious illness. One way to help prevent them is to keep as many weapons as possible out of their hands and keep the ones they may get less lethal. Staunching the ready availability of guns meant for one thing only - killing people - sure seems like a good way to start.