Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Molly's blessing. . .

People often question, sometimes lecture, and express concern that the work we do at CitySquare is "not really about faith."  I suppose people think that because we make none of our services, activities or initiatives dependent upon our neighbors being involved in overtly religious activities.  Like all of our various activities, everything here is based on the complete freedom of our neighbors to choose what they desire to take advantage of. 

What people with these concerns don't understand is that faith lives on the streets and in the poorest ghettos in the inner city. . .and I do mean "lives." 

A few weeks ago, a very frail and troubled woman handed me a piece of paper that I've been carrying in my pocket ever since she passed it my way.  We'll call her "Molly" here. 

Molly deals with severe bi-polar disorder, and possibly schizophrenia.  She doesn't talk about faith much, but she knows I'm a minister.  Possibly she wrote the note because of her faith, or possibly because of mine, with the note being a gift she thought I would appreciate.  Either way, I consider the act very spiritual. 

Here's what Molly wrote:

Lord Jesus, bless my friend
the spirit of joy and happiness
to all who are in your care and
help the will of God's SON who
save all our lives
for only Love not hate

As I've said so often, the witness comes back more powerfully than it can be offered from here.


Anonymous said...

Tell Mr.Britt to calm down- the union is not about higher paying jobs, in fact, right to work states have it better. It's just the Democrat money laundering scheme just got blown up in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Way to stay on topic, Anon!

On the actual topic: nice story; good reminder that those sitting in church pews do not have a monopoly on faith.

rcorum said...

Nice story too, but because of the reference to Rev. Britt I checked out his blog, and it drives me crazy that he will allow no criticism, even signed criticism. His views are beyond extreme and I don't mind giving out my name. I wish someone would explain why he allows no comments at all.

Anonymous said...

Agree or disagree with Britt's decision not to allow comments, I can at least understand why he does not given the predictable, extreme rants often posted here. It's his blog. He does not have to allow it to be everyone else's forum.

Anonymous said...

Britt is gutless!

rcorum said...

I agree he can do as he pleases, but he he can place limits on responses. I just don't understand why he so afraid of any feedback. If someone posts something lame he can edit it out. He can also refuse anonymous posts. Rev Britt I feel like you must read Larry's blog. Why don't you give comments a try. I promise to be respectful.

Anonymous said...

Britt is typical of the extremists who like to express their viewpoint, but who are intolerant of opposition views.

Anonymous said...

Gerald is not very bright. He avoids direct interaction because it will reveal his inability to follow a logical rebuttal and defend his own views in a logical manner.