Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a bare necessity

You may not think of it very often, if at all--that is, unless you are the "needy" one!

The fact is, Dallas has a dearth of public restroom facilities.  This is especially the case in the downtown business district. 

Meditate with me for just a moment, okay? 

Relax for a moment and close your eyes.

Well, er, I guess the "close your eyes" idea won't work unless you read the entire post and then close your eyes. 

But you get my point:  spend a moment to remember a time when you really needed a restroom, but couldn't find one. 

How did that work for you?

Likely, you found what you needed in a store or an office building or a hotel.  Likely, that was because you either were a customer or you looked like one. 

For our homeless friends life doesn't work that way most of the time.

One of the reasons why so many homeless persons have criminal records for "public indecency" is because they are caught relieving themselves without the benefit of an accessible restroom. 

Last Thursday I met an elderly gentleman. 

His hair was snow white. 

His skin was tanned. 

His legs, extending from walking shorts, evidenced symptoms of diabetes.

He was very quiet and reserved. 

I moved on after a few moments. 

Later I spotted him beside the old house on the corner with his back to the street. 

He urinated into the grass for a long time. 

He had to go.  Just like me. 

Humans are funny like that. 

Difference is he has no money or power, while I have plenty of both.

We need downtown public restrooms, and we need them badly.

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