Monday, February 09, 2015

My privileged life. . .

Every day I. . .

  • start with breakfast, coffee and my iPad
  • freely access a private bathroom, complete with shower, sinks, toilet, mirrors, towels, etc.
  • start one of my two cars and drive to work or to some weekend, enjoyable destination
  • spend about an hour working out in the YMCA Downtown (Gordie's torture chamber!)
  • enjoy conversation with my wife, family, work mates, friends, neighbors, strangers without fear or concern
  • read something worthwhile
  • study and think and dream because I have the "space" to do so
  • plan and strategize on how to achieve my vision for work, life, faith
  • laugh with good reason
  • experience good reason to hope
  • freely access wellness and health enhancing activities and resources
  • exist in a space to imagine better times
  • don't worry about meals
  • don't worry about clothes
  • don't worry about keeping my "stuff" secure
  • pet my cats
  • wonder what next blessing might fill me up
  • live in the midst of absolute privilege
  • thank God
  • beg for mercy from above, within and all around
  • receive mercy freely
  • brag on my four grandchildren--have I told you about Gracie, Wyatt, Owen and Henry lately?
  • don't worry about becoming poor
  • know that if I get sick or injured, I'll be cared for in a state-of-the-art medical facility
  • wonder, "Why me?"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These days I am entering data from the MDHA homeless point in time count. Every time a enter a survey similar thoughts run through my mind.
There is one need that many express a desire for...emotional support.
It's what we all need and often don't get. It's a critical element and makes me pause every time I enter it.