Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Needed: funding for a dog

My life is filled with unreasonable people.

For instance, a dear friend asked me just today why the city didn't build parks under our freeway overpasses.  His reasoning was that people without homes and nowhere to go but under our bridges would continue to be there.  So, in his words, "Why not make it nice?"

Of course, the answer is simple. 

The homeless hang out under our bridges in really terrible, unsafe and unsanitary conditions because they are not dogs.  In Dallas, we build dog parks under the otherwise useless TXDOT right away.  We do better by the canine population than we do by our homeless neighbors. 

Recently, we "emptied the animal shelters" as part of a nationwide effort. 

When was the last time we gathered support to empty the homeless shelters of men, women and children?  Like I say, dogs do better in Dallas. 

But, my friend got me to thinking. 

What if we buy dogs for our homeless friends? 

Then, they could legitimately use the dog parks that are springing up all over town! 

That just may be the ticket. 

Dogs to the homeless. 

Homeless neighbors finding a place to at least rest for a bit out of the elements in the shade provided by an overhead highway, complete with the company of a very loyal companion. 

What do you think? 

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