Monday, January 18, 2016

A Christmas card from Death Row

[I received a Christmas card from my friend who's on Texas' Death Row in Livingston, Texas.  On the opposite side of this card, he wrote the words below.  He is a remarkable person.  He is teaching me some amazing things.]

Dear Larry,
I thank you for your card.  I wasn't feeling this holiday, so to speak, some weeks ago--and it is hard to describe this present feeling as I often feel this way that can be closely described as feeling, or experiencing gratitude.  Even all the things that seem "so wrong" as you called the present situation/my case.  They seem to have some purpose to me and I try to think that this is all just the experience of life and we are living it and that is all there is to it.  There is some sense in me that gives the impression that, in some deeper place, it is neither right or wrong--anything that is taking place in my life.  It just is and I am here to experience it and make some stands at certain stages where I say that his matters and that matters and then work toward making something out of this madness.  And out of the love that is there.  And out of the confusion and the contradictions that exist in me as much as outside me.  We live and we breathe something worthy into this world and we move on.  I am okay w/this; tho that doesn't mean I am read to go! :)  So, yes, let's see what we can do.  Let me know if you made contact w/Wolf.

I thank you for everything and I hope you all had a good time this season.



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