Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Children, Always Think of the Children

We can debate methods, public policy, politics, theology. . .you name it. But in all our conversations, we must never forget the children.

Children can't help it.

Children aren't responsible for their position, plight or parents.

For the most part, children are all the same when they get here.

It's where they call "home" that often determines the path of their lives.

Economic status is not the only determinate of destiny in life.

But, it is a gigantic factor.

Make no mistake about it, poor children have huge mountains to climb that middle class and upper class kids just don't face.

When I think of the city, I think of children.

I see faces of children I've known personally.

I think of all that so many have overcome.

I think of a growing number from our community who go on to college or trade schools.

I can't get their smiles, their energy, their foul-ups, their victories and their creativity out of my mind.

Unless you've been in a place like this, you just cannot image how powerful, how wonderful and how amazing the children are!

So, forgive me. Whenever subjects come up like public policy or church mission or economic development or housing or health care or personal and organizational priorities, I always think of the children.

And frankly, that changes everything. . .I mean, everything.


Chris Field said...


Great post. It is the children that have kept me at Camp of the Hills for the last 5 summers. And it is the same children you talked about that are a huge motivation for me to go to law school next year. Blessings.


P.S. Did you get my e-mail last week?

Anonymous said...

Larry, great post. Do you know how many kids are born into poverty as opposed to middle-class? Or where I can find out?

Chris, as you go to Law School, never forget those children. Becoming a lawyer will only be worth it if you can use your skills to be an advocate for those without a voice. I think CDM has a law office. My prayer is that you could work there, or somewhere like there. Or, if you don't live in Dallas, help start one!


Lori B. / Shiloh NY said...

Great reminder of what is most important. I have a meeting today with an older child who has encountered many "foul-ups" because of the emptiness of his childhood. His parents were absent since he was 6, but his smile and his heart are huge. His learning curve in life is the size of a mountain as it often is for children born into the poor neighborhoods where we work. Won't give up, and I hear you, grow very weary of all the talking and debating and no action. I had everything in my childhood I needed, the difference crushes my heart, but I won't give up. God never gives up, and neither should we.

Chris Field said...


That is actually the exact reason I am going to law school: to work at a place like CDM's law offices. Thanks for the encouragement.

owldog said...

I want people to ALWAYS remember the children and they say they do. They will say they are the most importanat thing we have in this world but such a shame actions speak way louder than words. How could we have so many children in the "system" foster and otherwise and not have any homes for them when EVERYBODY in America says children are the most important thing???