Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Incidents over the last week. . .
  • Walking out of a downtown building, I noticed an elderly woman seated on a comfortable bench waiting for her ride to pick her up.  "Good morning, mam," I said to her.  "Have a nice day!"  Her eyes twinkled, as she replied , "Oh, angel, you're just too kind! You have a good day too."
  • Got into a conversation with an employee about his weekend.  "Have a good weekend," I asked him in passing.  "I did, but about all I did was work," he explained. "Right now I have three jobs--this one and two more!"  "You better watch that burning the candle at both ends," I quipped."Yeah, I know, but I have two kids in college," he explained.  "Someday, they will rise up and call you blessed," I offered.  
  • A wisp of a man whom I've known for a long time, looked at the impossibly long line of people come to get food, and remarked simply, "I'm starving.  Don't you see, I'm starving.  I can't stand in that line." 
  • A volunteer, a young man, approached me as I double parked on an extremely busy day in our food center.  "You dropping off something, sir?"  he asked.  "No, I'm trying park.  I work here," I tried to explain, a bit defensively, thinking, "This this guy doesn't know me from Adam All-Fox!. "Well, we don't let people park here," he kindly informed me.  As I was thinking what to say by way of explanation--as in "I need to get inside, I work here!"  He appeared again and told me, "Park over here," as he pointed toward a cone-bordered space he had "made" for me.  Before I could thank him, he told me, "I didn't want your car to get hit."  What's to say but thanks?