Wednesday, November 04, 2020

What I know for sure. . .

Certainty turns out to be largely elusive in these times.  

But, not completely.  Values--bedrock, non-negotiable, pre-selected--values offer us reasonable certainty on how life ought to be lived.  

So, here is what I know for sure near the conclusion of our recent political convulsions:

  • People must be honored, loved, valued--all people.
  • Children must be cared for, loved and supported in families.
  • Parents must be supported in their responsibilities to their little ones.
  • Children must never be separated from their parents.
  • A nation as wealthy as this one must take seriously its responsibilities to its citizens and those who seek to be citizens.
  • A nation without fair, just, clear policies regarding immigrants and their desire to become a part of the nation lacks integrity, and is not living up to the values that created and sustain this nation of immigrants.
  • Black lives matter.  
  • Due process trumps police brutality.  
  • Protest provokes progress.  
  • Prolife is a much broader life philosophy than pro-birth.
  • No one should know hunger.  
  • Food scarcity and food deserts should be banned outright. 
  • Economic opportunity should never be denied or segregated.. 
  • Health care is a human right.  This nation should see that every man, woman and child receives such care.
  • Public health is more than an idea, it is a practice.  
  • Pandemic infections call for public leadership, honesty and sacrifice.
  • Adequate, decent, affordable housing is a basic human right.
  • Work is sacred.  Everyone who works should be paid a living wage.  No one who works full-time should fall into poverty because of inadequate pay.  
  • Education is a human right and should be afforded to everyone at public scale.
  • The earth is our home.  We should care for it, preserve it and engage it.  
  • Climate change is real.  
  • As a value proposition, progressive tax policy is a plus.   
  • Charity is good.  Equitable investment better still.  
  • Religion is not the point.  Most divisive policies find root in it. Radical love, generosity of spirit and soul is everything.