Thursday, June 03, 2021

Troubled by. . .

1.  Gun deregulation to the extreme places more weapons on the streets of cities and in the hands of extremists.  People die.

2.  Evictions allowed in Texas ahead of national/federal guidelines.  People move into homelessness.

3.  Politicizing vaccines and their delivery.  People get sick and paranoid.

4.  Needlessly, and dishonestly disputed,national election results.  People lose trust in democracy.

5. The "Big Lie" that Joe Biden "stole" the eleection.  People doubt our system.  

6.  Vote recounts ad nausem.  Wasted funds.  More doubt and division.

7. Voter suppression legislation passes in many states.  People ask why worry?   

8.  Texas Legislature does NOTHING to promote, discuss or consider racial equity strategies.  People feel abandoned. 

9. Bizarroo conspiraccy theories disseminated by the so-called "Q anon" crowd.  People are duped.  

10.  The more than 100 U. S. House members who voted against election results and refused to seat their electors. . . .on January 6!  Faith in our union lost.  

11.  January 6, 2021.  New precident for rebellion.

12.  Violence rooted in  racism perpitrated against people of color.  Fear spreads. 

Troubled by all of these things and more for my own sake and that of my family, not to mention the vulnerable impoverished.  

Strange times, right?  Possibly not.  Thus, I remain troubled.