Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Children

Forgive me for continuing to talk about our new neighborhood playground, but, frankly, it is something else!

And not just because it is high quality, which it is. What makes it all work are the children.

On Monday, after the concrete had "set up" properly, we were able to open it for the kids.

Keith Ackerman and Jeremy Gregg arrived at our transformed lot just as school was letting out. When the kids arrived home, he explained that he needed help taking down the temporary fencing and the yellow barrier tape. Once that job was completed, he explained, they would be free to play all they wanted on "their new playground."

Like eager beavers the children helped Keith open the new facility.

The entire build project was positive. We made many new corporate, political and celebrity friends thanks to this effort.

But, the ultimate payoff is with the community--our neighbors and their little ones!

Enjoy the joy. . .and the progress!


Anonymous said...

Larry, the images of you with concrete smudged on your forehead and a shovel in hand are priceless.

Talk about servant leadership!

Chris Field said...


Could you e-mail me when you get a chance?


Paul said...

God, bless the children!