Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Developing Dallas Fairly

Take a moment to read the front page story in the Dallas Morning News yesterday about our downtown, affordable housing project. You will find it at:

We have another hurdle to deal with today as our proposal comes before the entire Dallas City Council.

We need the council's "go ahead" in order to move forward with our low-income tax credit application to the state of Texas.

Remember us.

On Monday, I sat through a long meeting with our City Council's Committee on Housing and Economic Development.

Everytime I am in a setting like this, I realize just how challenging the management of cities can become.

For almost an hour, members of the city staff laid out the challenge facing Dallas because of the severe cutbacks in funding for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programming.

Last year's funding level came in at approximately $29.5 million.

Funding for next year will reflect an almost $10 million cut at $19.8 million.

Over the past few years CDBG funds in Dallas have been consolodated and focused strategically to achieve the greatest overall impact for community renewal.

These funds originate in the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and are used locally on housing development, land acquisition, public improvements in low income neighborhoods, child care, business development, home repairs and a number of other essential initiatives.

The Bush Administration has been steadily cutting back on CDBG funding. The President's proposed budget for FY2007 would completely eliminate the program nationwide.

Bad move.

Just ask Mary Suhm, Dallas City Manager and her staff.

Even better, ask my neighbors whose environments are made healthier and safer by the programs we will surely lose unless things change.

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Jason Coriell said...

You have my prayers, Larry. I appreciate the updates.