Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More on 511 N. Akard

The latest issue of the Dallas Business Journal hit the streets last Friday.

It contained a lead editorial by Frances Gordon entitled, "Well-Heeled Ghetto?" that would be worth your reading.

You can find it at:


As you'll see, it offers a very positive assessment of our proposed downtown housing development for our formerly homeless and low-income neighbors.

WKMC Architects are working with us on this project. I love some of the concepts they have come up with, even in their temporary views. For some reason I couldn't get the really cool color stuff to upload. But, the graphics provide a glimpse of some of what we have in mind.

The public meeting last night went very well, or so it seemed to me. Over 100 attended. We found ourselves packed into the chapel at First United Methodist Church downtown--great setting for a conversation about the future of this project and of our city regarding very low income persons.
My thanks to Dr. John Fiedler, Senior Minister at the church. John is doing a great job through his church and in our community.

To read a report on the meeting written by Dallas Morning News reporter, Kim Horner, go to:


Keep us in mind as we head toward the next step in the project--Tuesday, March 28 and another meeting with the Dallas City Council.


cierakae said...


Thanks for the update.

Was planning to attend and had a family need arise.

Is there a need for a showing of support at the city council meeting on the 28th?

I was a bit suprised at the question regarding armed gaurds. Is this a standard at other down town Dallas residences?


Larry James said...

We don't really know, but will find out. I doubt that it is. Thanks for your interest.