Saturday, March 11, 2006


During our recent KaBoom! playground build, we met "Bobby" (not his real name), a great neighbor who helped us all day.

He lived near the lot that we transformed into a safe place for children to play.

As we were working, it became obvious to some of our team that Bobby was really into the day and the work. He was clearly amazed at the transformation our effort produced in this once vacant lot.

Visiting with him, we learned why he was so engaged.

"I used to sell drugs on this lot," he confessed.

Bobby had gotten his life together thanks in part to Victory Outreach.

He was still very involved in the recovery process. But the change happening before his eyes meant so much to him.

It was as if he was watching the reality his own life change right before his eyes.

The old memories of addiction, pain, fear and need were being wiped out by the emerging health, cooperation and power of his community at work on a place of play.

It was amazing to observe.

"You can't believe how much better this is," Bobby observed. "This lot has been a dangerous place. It's like, it's gone now!"

He was right.

The old was disappearing. In its place a brand new space with a completely different purpose.

Life shoving out death.

When we were finished, he celebrated with the rest of us.

The playground means so much to so many people. It is obviously a symbol of hope, power and progress for everyone, especially those with stories like our friend Bobby.

By the way, since we've installed the seating around the park, adults have been seen out in the fresh air reading their newspapers!

I love this neighborhood!


cierakae said...

Visited the playground yesterday about 4:30pm. It was receiving some pretty heavy action.

Started visiting a young man (seated on one of the new benches!)He commented that coming to the playground is the first thing he does after work each day, his little girl is waiting on him so they can go. It's their time together.

He may not realize it, but he's strenghtening his family.


Larry James said...

cierakae, thanks for this report.

You are correct about it all.

Simple things make so much difference.

Paul said...

Beauty from ashes. That is awesome!

Tracy said...

How cool! I want to take my girls there to play!