Sunday, July 09, 2006

Central Dallas Community Development Corporation: Single Family Home For Sale!

In addition to high-quality, affordable multi-family housing, our bustling community development corporation (CDC) is about to complete construction of our first single-family home.

A little over a year ago the Central Dallas CDC purchased the lot from the City of Dallas.

We secured a partner home builder and today the job is almost complete.

The lot is located here in inner city East Dallas on Santa Fe Street. The new brick, 3-bedroom house is a bit over 1,250 square feet.

It is a great addition to a neighborhood that is attempting a comeback!

The home is built to be purchased by a person or family who qualifies with an income that matches up with the affordable housing mission of the public/private partnership we enjoy with the City of Dallas' Housing Department.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about this home and the community should call 214.827.1000 ext. 21 and speak to John Greenan, Executive Director of our CDC.


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