Sunday, July 16, 2006

CityWalk@Akard. . .Rough Shape. . .New Vision for Downtown

These photos begin to tell the story of CityWalk @ Akard.

The five shots reveal the condition of the building we are attempting to purchase for renovation. The building has been vacant for almost 15 years.

Evidence of homeless "squatters" is easy to see inside. Evidently, people scale the walls up to the porch/patio area and enter the building to spend their nights.

Our plan is to develop 200 apartments for low-income working persons. Fifty of our tenants will be formerly homeless.

For me, the shots of the current condition of the building's insides symbolize the current state of so much of our urban housing for many low-income citizens of Dallas.

The photos of the views from the building out into Downtown represent a new vision of what could be in terms of opportunity, hope and life.

We will find out the status of our tax credit application on July 28.

If awarded an allocation, Central Dallas Community Development Corporation will begin the long and challenging journey to turn the dream into reality.

Our vision for this spot Downtown will radically alter the reality on streets outside and in the spaces inside this wonderful old building.


[rhymes with kerouac] said...

It's interesting to think that one of those 50 formerly homeless tennants might be someone who is squatting in the building tonight.

Just like God to do that, isn't it?

Michael Davis said...

Truly sobering pics...The building looks to be in rough shape, but it can be done. What's the timeframe?

Please keep us posted on the progress!