Thursday, July 20, 2006

Doing medicine, practicing health and wellness

The work of Central Dallas Ministries' Community Health Services (CHS) has experienced explosive growth so far in 2006.

The graphic here reports a comparison for the month of January over the past four years.

Since early this year, the growth has continued and now stands at almost 40% for the year as compared to the same time period last year.

Community Health Services has served over 2,212 more patients in the first five months of 2006 than at this same time in 2005.

Already one of the largest community-based health clinics in Dallas County, the program has grown tremendously as more and more uninsured, working people have found us. The effort got started in 1990 when the late Dr. Donald Smiley and Dr. Charles Graham, along with our dentist, Dr. John Turner began volunteering every Thursday evening from 6-9 p. m.

Thanks to a strong partnership with the Baylor Health Care System and with Health Texas Provider Network, the physicians group serving Baylor patients, the medical effort provides extremely high-quality health services to the community at very low or no cost to patients in need of care and economic uplift.

In addition to clinic services, including dental care, CHS promotes preventive care and community wellness.

For example, our Community Diabetes Education (CoDE) effort provides neighbohood-based training and education to assist diabetic patients in controlling their disease and maintaining health.

CHS is one of the busiest places in inner city Dallas. It also bustles with excitement and, of course, healing.


jch said...

Hey Larry, I'm wondering if you saw this article in the NYTimes? What are your thoughts on this particular portion of Bush's welfare reform?

Anonymous said...

Dr. James

I am just now taking the opportunity to thank you!. I heard you speak about CDM at the Zoe Conference in Nashville last October.

You and CDM have inspired me more than one blog comment can express! I am in the midst of a planting a ministry. This vision has been spurred by many of the things I see God doing through you.

May He bless your work in new ways today!

Duane Dixon

Larry James said...

Joe, thanks for the post. Yes, we have worked with some folks who have either gone after some of these funds or have received them. It would be hard to argue against training for marriage and family life, wouldn't it? The problem is training without the other economic basics in place results in unsustainable outcomes in families, communities and the nation. Doing counseling or marriage enrichment in place of basic economic and social justice is a big mistake. It also does not take seriously the realities and the power of poverty.

Duane, thanks for you kind words. Best wishes in your endeavors.

Brett Keller said...

Do you have a guide or more thorough description of how your CoDE (Community Diabetes Education) program functions? I help at Searcy, Arkansas's Christian Health Ministry and we have been considering doing more community outreach/preventitive medicine work. Thanks!

Larry James said...

Brett, thanks! Give Keith Ackerman, our COO a call at 214.823.8710 ext. 119 or email at and ask for his input. He can give you the details and/or connect you to the folks at CHS who can. Tell him I directed you to him. I learned of your great work there when I was in Searcy earlier this year for a retreat wtih the Downtown folks. Great work! You are doing in a rural context what we are trying here in the city.

Jeremy Gregg said...


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