Friday, August 25, 2006

Summertime and Inner City Baseball

Thanks to the work of Janet Morrison and her team, Central Dallas Ministries, in partnership with the Little Heroes baseball program, saw a good number of children from our summer and after-school programs play ball again this year!

There is just something about baseball that brings people together, develops social skills and strengthens an experience of community.

These players, 10 to 12-years-old, live in East and South Dallas in public housing developments where we work every day.

They had a great summer together!

We are grateful for the Little Heroes baseball program.

If you haven't been to the Little Heroes ballpark near Downtown, you need to go by and have a look. It is a wonderful community asset.

We are grateful to Todd Wagner and all of the other investors who brought baseball back to the inner city for the young ball players of Dallas!


RC said...


Your group just seems to do all the right things. Getting kids involved in sports can do so much good. I am not talking about the super competative kind that robs kids of their childhood, but the kind that builds character, friendships, and teamwork. On another note. I would really like to email you with a more personal question, but don't know how. My email address is Thanks.

Larry James said...

rc, thanks.

Feel free to email me at

Jeremy Gregg said...

Larry, to hear you talk about baseball, it makes me really regret I never made it past tee-ball. :)

Larry James said...

Jeremy, it doesn't matter if you didn't play much. That is the beauty of this sport that is more art, poetry and philosophy than game. I think baseball has about it a grace, design and thoughtfulness that is missing in many other sports. Maybe it is the pace of the game or the numerous opportunities for the application of keen strategy, I'm not sure. But I know it is never too late to watch and allow appreciation to grow. Ask Keith! He is a Pirate's fan and a Rangers'fan! Hope dies hard in the Mudvilles of America!

Jeremy Gregg said...

Actually, I never even liked baseball until I went to a game with Keith. Brother opened my eyes! :)