Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Corner

There's a corner
Out my window,
Rain or shine,
Hot or cold,
I see it every day.

A corner
That's a crossroad stop
For people of all sorts,
In a city large and hard
At times, very cold and unforgiving.

A place for making deals,
Secret or exposed,
Lots of business going down,
At this busy intersection,
In my crazy part of town.

Drugs and food,
Hope and hell,
Friendship and debate,
All co-mingle
At this place.

Smokin', smelly buses,
Squealin' tires
And folks afoot,
The worn and weary street sign
Stands watch above the rush.

People on the corner,
Hangin,' talkin,'
Playin' games and makin' plans--
All the city shows up here
Wantin' things to change.

Just outside my wall of windows,
The city opens up,
At this simple little corner
Where purpose can be studied
And, at times, pure joy observed.

1 comment:

JD said...

thought provoking. there's a corner like that in every city. I would think that most of our churches have arranged to be on another corner out of sight for the sake of comfort.