Monday, October 09, 2006

For goodness sake, VOTE!!!

If you intend to vote in this year's national election on Tuesday, November 7, then you need to realize that this coming Tuesday, October 10, is the final day to register to vote!

You are registered, aren't you?

Tell me you are!!!!

If you aren't, please make sure you register before the end of the day on Tuesday, as in tomorrow!

Voter registration cards are available at your post office or at many government buildings where you reside.

I can't tell you how to vote.

I can tell you that if you have any regard for our democratic values and the way of life we hold up to the entire world as a model, you certainly should vote.

No matter what you think of the current war, the Iraqi gentleman shown above with his vote- stained fingers lifted in the sign of victory should challenge us to take part, don't you think?

Just a reminder.

Every vote matters.

Let your voice be heard in November.

Make sure you are registered to participate.


Charles said...


Any thoughts on the debate last Friday? Or the governor race overall? I haven't heard poverty come up unless you count putting more police in Houston to "deal with" Katrina refugees.

Larry James said...

Charles, thanks for the post.

Unfortunately, I didn't see the debate. Read about it Saturday morning in the paper.

No one is really talking about the issues facing low-income Texans. No real surprise there!

I will resist offering an opinion about the individuals in this forum. But, I will post more info on the race in the next few days so that people will have access to more details about each candidate.

Mr. W said...


This is Matt Worthington, the ACU Student who had wanted to meet with you earlier in the summer. Also, I gave you the lyrics to that Derek Webb song "The Rich Young Ruler". Listen, there's an idea I have about urban development in the Abilene community. The thing is, I don't have as many resources as needed in order to get this on its feet. Do you mind me running my ideas by you, and then hopefully giving me some advice as to where to start? I hope you'll at least give me the time to let you hear my ideas. If so, email me ( Peace.

Matt W.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 19th house for your blog campaign!

Larry James said...

Matt, good to hear from you. I will be glad to talk with you. Email me at or call me at 214.823.8710 ext. 116. My schedule is crazy, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.