Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Urban Connection San Antonio

A helpful volunteer paints our logo on our new building inside the Lincoln Heights Courts, a San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) property where we have been working since 2003.

Urban Connection--San Antonio will occupy the building this week!

The new building will allow our great team in San Antonio, led by Leslie Kelsie-Grubbs, to quadruple its space!

UC-SA has been working with the families who live inside the public housing development, as well as those who live in the surrounding West Side neighborhood. The area is one of the poorest and roughest in the city.

Thanks to Leslie's faithful, visionary leadership UC-SA has grown dramatically in a very short period of time.

UC-SA will become a separate 501 (c ) 3, non-profit corporation in 2007, but will remain a vital part of the Central Dallas Ministries family of urban ministries and organizations.

UC-SA works hard at community organizing, providing emergency assistance to individuals and families in need, employment training and placement, overall case management, after school and summertime programming for children and individual and community spiritual development.

If you are ever in San Antonio, stop by for a visit!

[For directions and more information, check out the UC-SA website at:]


Chris Field said...

That's great news, Larry. Praise God!
Do you have anything like this in Austin? If not, maybe we can start something there in about 3 years :)

P.S. Let me know about summer internship possibilities if you get a chance.

Larry James said...

Chris, thanks for the post.

We have done some investigating in Austin. No real traction as yet. But, who knows?

Send our LAW Center a formal request for internship next summer by contacting Ken Koonce who directs the effort at

Chris Field said...

Great, thanks Larry!