Friday, October 27, 2006

Voting and the Texas Governor's Race

My friend and "little green house" owner (see top right of this page!), Charles McGonigal pulled together some helpful information on the race for governor in Texas. I thought I'd take his cue and pass along some of what he shared with his friends.

As Charles pointed out in his email blast to friends, this is a critical gubernatorial race for Texas that actually offers some differences among the four candidates.

If you live elsewhere and there is a race for governor in your state, you may find yourself facing a similar choice. I hope you will dig in and investigate the candidates before casting your vote.

To find out more about the Texas candidates, you can visit their websites:

Chris Bell (D):

Kinky Friedman (I):

Rick Perry (R):

Carole Keeton Strayhorn (I):

Here's an interesting assignment: review these web addresses and see if you can tell what the candidates think about the challenges facing low-income Texans. Where do they line up on the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), public education, Medicaid funding and other matters that directly touch the poor in our state?

Even better, what can you glean, if anything, here regarding their plans once elected?

[My apologies to Kinky Friedman and his campaign, but my numerous attempts to upload a photo of him all failed. Visit his website to see him in living color!]


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Sal Costello said... ISSUES 2006 CANDIDATE REPORT CARD - 10/26/06 is a non-partisan organization formed to educate and
inform, not to participate in politics. is not a
political action committee (PAC) and therefore does not support or endorse candidates.

However over our four year existence we have observed and interacted
with many of the individuals who are on this November’s ballot. During
this time we have developed informed opinions about these candidates.

Our goal in presenting the following Report Card is to let you know how feels these candidates reflect the beliefs and
concerns of our members and others who are opposed to the Trans Texas

The following candidates have been graded on information available to and reflect our assessment of their position on the
Trans Texas Corridor and related issues such as tolling, toll conversion, private property rights and eminent domain taking for economic development. The grade also reflects the effectiveness (in our opinion) that the candidate would have in effecting positive change if elected.

We recognize that these issues only represent one factor in the
decision every voter makes when voting for a particular candidate. Where two candidates have been given the same grade it is because we feel that based on various factors, their expected impact with regard to the TTC issue if elected would be similar. also feels strongly that the majority of the
statewide office holders will be significantly effected by the direction of the occupant of the governor's office. Even the most ardent opponent will be challenged to make a significant change under a governor who champions the TTC. With different leadership however some incumbent candidates who kept a "low profile" under Governor Perry can be expected to become advocates of change and join open opposition to the TTC.

U. S. Senator
"A" Barbara Ann Radnofsky DEM
"B" Kay Bailey Hutchison - Incumbent REP
"C" Scott Lanier Jameson LIB

"A" Carole Keeton Strayhorn IND
"C" Chris Bell DEM
"C" Richard "Kinky" Friedman IND
"D" James Werner LIB
"F" Rick Perry - Incumbent REP

Lieutenant Governor
"B" David Dewhurst - Incumbent REP
"B" Maria Luisa Alvarado DEM
"C" Judy Baker LIB

Attorney General
"A" David Van Os DEM
"B" Greg Abbott - Incumbent REP
"C" Jon Roland LIB

Comptroller of Public Accounts
"B" Susan Combs REP
"B" Fred Head DEM
"C" Mike Burris LIB

Commissioner General Land Office
"C" VaLinda Hathcox DEM
"C" Michael A. French LIB
"D" Jerry Patterson - Incumbent REP

Commissioner of Agriculture
"A" Hank Gilbert DEM
"C" Clay Woolam LIB
"F" Todd Staples REP

State Senator - District 3
"F" Robert Nichols REP

State Senator - District 25
"C" Kathleen "Kathi" Thomas DEM
"C" James R. (Bob) Thompson LIB
"F" Jeff Wentworth - Incumbent REP

State Representative - District 13
"A" Lois W. Kolkhorst - Incumbent REP
"D" Charles Stigall LIB

State Representative - District 17
"A" Tim Kleinschmidt REP
"B" Robby Cook - Incumbent DEM
"D" Roderick (Rod) Gibbs LIB

State Representative - District 20
"B" Jim Stauber DEM
"D" Dan M. Gattis - Incumbent REP

State Representative - District 20
"B" John Zerwas REP
"C" Dorothy Bottos DEM

State Representative - District 52
"B" Karen Felthauser DEM
"B" Lillian Simmons LIB
"F" Mike Krusee - Incumbent REP

State Representative - District 57
"B" Jim Dunnam - Incumbent DEM
"D" Neill Snider LIB

State Representative - District 62
"C" Peter "Pete" Veeck DEM
"F" Larry Phillips - Incumbent REP

State Representative - District 90
"B" Lon Burnam - Incumbent DEM
"D" Rod Wingo LIB

State Representative - District 117
"A" David McQuade Leibowitz - Incumbent DEM
"D" Ted Kenyon REP

This Report Card is also available at:

Subject to changes and/or additions.

MommyHAM said...

I haven't read through any of these, as I'm not a Texan, but ROFLOL - ANY politician brave enough to go by "Kinky" has got guts, along with my vote! LOL....

Justin said...

I believe Kinky is for the legalization of Marijuana, which would do wonders in curbing gang violence. No more need for the black market for something less harmful than alcohol. Remember the organized crime that came from prohibition, and how organized crime went away with the repeal of prohibition? The same thing will happen if they legalize pot.

Anonymous said...

And if they tax it properly, they can pay off the deficit!

David Ramsey said...


Many folks who read Larry James' blog live and vote in Texas. Perhaps even Larry James, who used to live in Louisiana, can understand how for some time Louisiana has benefited from having Texas as neighbor.

But now the neighborly assistance has become seriously imperiled. Kinky Friedman's potential surge in the Texas gubernatorial race threatens Louisiana's survival.

First, Louisiana people will find the planned Texas tolls convenient. To go west, we must drive in Texas; so we have to time our itineraries to zoom through during daylight, avoiding Texas' nighttime 65 MPH limit and related revenue-producing speedtraps. Under the Austin thinkers' plan to toll-road Texas, we'll pay evenly and conveniently at all hours. Kinky will stop the tolls and continue deriving revenue disproportionately from out-of-staters who must travel after dark.

Second, we need revenue from selling our inundating abundance of water to the Trans-Texas Pipeline. Under Kinky, the Pipeline won't exist.

Third, license plates at our casinos prove thousands of jobs depend on Texans. This benefit will leave when Kinky provides for gambling-addicted Texans to offload their fortunes in Texas and draw the jobs there.

Fourth, our recent election for Louisiana Secretary of State prides us as the only Southerners with a statewide Jewish officeholder, especially in view of the past infamy here of the KKK's Grand Wizard. Kinky threatens to render our progress unimpressive compared to a next-door Jewish Governor.

Fifth, Kinky will extradite back to Louisiana the crime wave we shed to Texas last year. Please don't do this to us.

And, if Kinky wins, Louisiana will lose publicity, forever.

Heed the Bible; love thy neighbor. Help Louisiana. Stop Friedman!