Monday, October 02, 2006

Wilderness Trek: Celebrating 30 Years!

Saturday evening I spoke at the Gala of the Stars staged here in Dallas (Richardson, to be more exact) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wilderness Trek Christian Camp.

Edd Eason, my long time friend and partner, and minister to thousands of youth and adults in every imaginable life stage and situation, serves as Executive Director for Wilderness Trek Christian Camp.

The position is Edd's dream job.

When we worked together as a team at the Richardson East Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas, Edd led at least one group of teens and adults on a mountain climbing, backpacking expedition via Wilderness Trek every summer. Often we sponsored more than one trip.

Edd joined us at Central Dallas Ministries for three years. While serving as one of our Assistant Executive Directors, Edd arranged for scores of inner city youth to receive scholarships for participation in Trek during several summers.

Now that he leads Wilderness Trek, the urban scholarship program has grown dramatically and reaches urban youth in a number of major American cities, including, thankfully, Dallas.

It was a treat getting to share Edd's big night with over 100 friends and supporters of Wilderness Trek. Central Dallas Ministries had a table for the evening that included four of our teens who have taken advantage of Trek's programs.

What a great night!

What a tremendous cause! Trek's benefit to urban youth is inestimable.

Check out the website at

You'll notice that Edd has other anniversary celebrations/fundraisers planned between now and the end of 2006. If you live in one of these areas, I urge you to get involved.

Thanks, Edd. I love you, man. You are truly one in a million!


Brice said...

Happy Birthday, Trek!

Went up on Elbert in the summer of '99 and carry my mini figure 8 on my keychain to this day. Memories of the trip itself and the lessons learned on the mountain will stay with me forever.

Jim Martin said...

Did trek with my daughter and our youth group a number of years ago. A wonderful trip.

Thanks for giving some well deserved recognition to this ministry.