Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Banned at last!

Best news I've heard in years!

Talk about medical and public health research and analysis that calls for three cheers!

British hospitals are banning neckties! Never mind that they also have prohibited long sleeves, jewelry, and white lab coats for physicians.

The ban is an attempt to reign in the spread of sometimes deadly hospital-borne infections.

The ties, along with the other banned items of apparel, almost never make it to the laundry and are worn again and again.

Makes sense to me. Where better for a despicable viral varmint to lodge than in and on a cursed necktie?!

I've always loved the British.

But this is more than I could have hoped for.

Gentlemen, burn your ties!


Anonymous said...

Now if we could just ban wool suits from May to September!

Karen said...

This is especially for Chris (see Larry's post "Circle of Life"). Wondering how it's connected to neckties? Me too.

Well, I guess one way is... Rush chose wearing a necktie rather than a soldier's uniform. Is that too low a blow? Probably not.

I normally ignore Rush Limbaugh, but his comments last Wednesday went too far for me to remain silent. It's one thing to call me "Dingy Harry" -- it's another to insult our men and women in uniform, calling those who oppose the war "phony soldiers" as Rush did during his September 26 broadcast.
Of course, Rush continued his tirade Monday by denying he had said anything wrong and attacking John Murtha, who served 37 years in the Marines.
This week, 41 Democrats signed a letter to Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays, demanding that Rush apologize.
You can send your own letter to Mays by visiting:
In December 2006, a poll run by the Military Times found that only 35 percent of service members approved of President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. Would Rush consider every other Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine to be phony? What about General John Batiste who retired from active duty in order to speak out against this war?
Rush has the courage to sit behind a microphone and lash out at those who oppose George Bush's misadventure in Iraq -- yet when it was his time to serve, he received a deferment and has never worn a uniform.
Limbaugh's show is broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, and therefore service members around the world heard his insults. It's time for Clear Channel to make Rush apologize.
Demand that Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays take action by visiting:
Rush certainly has the right to say whatever he wants -- but we have an obligation to speak out when he goes too far.
Thank you,
Harry Reid

chris said...

Nice try, Karen, but you need to get your facts straight. Rush was talking about real phony soldiers, not ones who happen to disagree with him on the war. Harry Reid knows this and is refusing to meet Rush face to face on his program.

As to Jack Murtha, he is being sued for defamation for accusing marines of killing dozens of Iraqi civilians. Sort of a fine line in condeming Rush for something he didn't say and getting Murtha off the hook for something he said.


millerjmike said...

I advocate banning all ties on principal. If that happy day ever arrives, everyone is welcome at my house for a tie bonfire.

Justin said...

I'm gonna have to lament this post. I love neckties... I think we should wear them more. I know I certainly work harder when I'm dressed well... and its amazing how a necktie can actually make comfortable clothes look more formal. My personal fav is the button down shirt and skinny tie, with a v neck sweater over top, blue jeans and some moccasin type shoes. I keep the knot loose, so I can breathe, but I can wear that to almost any office and look dressed up, even when wearing jeans.

Maybe its the revolution of the young 'uns who didn't grow up wearing a tie to church every sunday, but I love to dress up.

Politics & Culture said...

Wow Larry -- something else we agree on! I hate neckties! How has this weird and painful fashion quirk survived for so long?

Death to the necktie!!!

Karen -- you really need to learn the truth about the Limbaugh controversy. Patrick Mead has an excellent post on the subject. read it HERE.

Karen said...

I don’t mind dealing in facts, but I have a feeling those requesting same would not recognize one if it jumped out at them and said, “Boo, I’m a fact.”

Defamation. Is that when draft-dodgers malign war heroes? And how the HECK do they continue to get by with it? They lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and twist and spin, and lie some more. Then people who have long since abandoned their capacity for critical thinking gobble it up, regurgitating it later onto those around them.

Neckties. Aggravating as the very devil, apparently, just like those who intentionally pervert, obfuscate and defile the truth.