Monday, October 22, 2007

Today is "Community Hunger Day"

Today hundreds of our partners across the city and beyond will join us to participate in our second annual "Community Hunger Day."

It is not too late for you to join the effort.

Go to to learn more and to sign up.

Over twenty years ago, Edd Eason taught me the value of what I call a "focused fast" for the sake of others.

Edd led our youth group in a 30-hour hunger experience. Our focus for the weekend was world hunger.

It was not an easy experience. However, it was unforgettable!

Today our focus is hunger among the urban poor here in Dallas and across our nation.

If you decide to take part, I hope you'll share your insights and your experiences by posting here during or after your fasting.

Thanks for all who step up to the challenge.


Anonymous said...

Fasting today, I'm hungry. Right around the corner from my office, a platter of leftovers showed up from a lunch meeting down the hall.

My office building is so big that I could scrabble together a free lunch almost every work day from leftovers like that. That's another buffer between me and hunger that the poor don't enjoy.


Lynn Leaming said...

I only wish those that are hungry could end their fast and have a regfrigerator of food still waiting for them. While I join in this exercise to support CDM, it still doesn't come close to helping us understand what the poor experience day in and day out.
Thanking God for you and CDM that keep reminding us of what is too easy for us to forget.