Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Home for One

Chilean artist Carolina Pino has designed what she calls a Shellhouse for the homeless.

The Shellhouse concept is a collapsible, triangular, orgami-like shelter made of cardboard. Thus, it provides a roof over one's head, but can be folded up and carried about during the day.

Included in the design are plans for building a radio transmitter so that owners can communicate with others about their current locations. This ability is essential for obtaining and maintaining employment.

Hmm. Parking lots for cars and bikes of various sorts. Maybe shelving for homes?

Is this the best we can do?


Daniel Gray said...

At first glance, I was hoping this would be a neat idea, at least with some type of insulation.

From her website -- "A house is where we validate this existence in the physical space." -- Seems like we need to do a lot more than validating the existence of the homeless.

We can definitely do better...

e-bot said...

ok, the new version of the circuit (i know the design of the shelter has a lot more to give, but using cardboard it's a lot about commenting on consumerism> packages are houses for others) is done. This time 2 switches (1 for Hospital, 1 for Supermarket - health adn food emergencies-) are in the circuit embedded inside the shelter. In real time on the internet, you can see which shelter is calling and triggering which switch. I will post all the instructions soon. Now you can get the kit with the circuit and be part of the network, just build the shelter and start your own network in yo neighborhood.
Well, maybe not, but just think about people online doing something for others makes me think this project worths.
thanks for the comment and the post in this blog.
carolina pino