Monday, November 12, 2007

Lourdes' Story

Below you'll be able to read a short note and watch a video message from one of our neighbors, Lourdes.

We met Lourdes during a personal and family crisis. When she found our public interest law firm, the L.A.W. Center, she discovered the allies and advocates she needed to address and successfully resolve her horrible situation.

As you watch the video and listen to her experience, try to put yourself in her place. Her story is gripping. Thankfully, the outcome is very encouraging!

Lourdes found the protection that she needed when she came to Central Dallas Ministries. Our attorneys took her case and provided her with the legal protection that she deserved to save her life and the life of her young daughter.


"Dear Friend,

My name is Lourdes. My daughter and I lived with severe domestic violence for years. Now, because of your support of Central Dallas Ministries’ Legal Action Works Center, my daughter and I are legally protected from future abuse.

We are now able to live our lives free of fear!

Thank you for caring about our safety.



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