Saturday, January 05, 2008

3 wishes

As I age, the wisdom, joy and hope of children become more essential in my life and experience.

My 5-year-old granddaughter, Gracie, spent some time with me over the New Year's weekend. Hard to believe it's 2008. How do we make it through the year ahead?

At one point during her visit, Gracie and I were alone--actually hiding from her mom trying to extend our time together!--and the subject of what she wished for came up.

"Gracie, if you had three wishes, what would you wish," I asked her.

"That's easy, granddad," she replied.

Quickly, she reeled off her top three wishes for me.

"First, I wish unicorns were real.

"I wish birds would come to you.

"And, last, I wish that whatever I wished for would come true," she told me.

No fool, my Gracie!

Maybe I find just what I need for 2008 in her short list of wishes.

One part magic and mystery. Everyone has to embrace the hope and possibility of myth to survive this world, at least it seems so to me.

One part harmony with the simple, but uncontrollable things of life. Something as beautiful and free as a bird really should come to you when you call, especially when you intend no harm to the natural order, but desire only to know it more completely. For Gracie all things living are intriguing and filled with sheer wonder. She just wants a closer look! Me too.

One part impossibility, at least alone. No one can have every wish come true. But it is clear to me, after spending an afternoon with my granddaughter, that we'll come closer to realizing the really important dreams if we stick together. What works for families also works for communities of people.

Three little wishes that bring all of life into better focus.

I'm wishing for more time with Gracie, Wyatt and Owen during my New Year!


blogger said...

what are your resolutions?

Larry James said...

Have determined to avoid resolutions this year.