Thursday, January 03, 2008

The candidates and poverty

With the Iowa caucuses today, the New Hampshire primary only days away and the rest of the Presidential campaign unfolding rapidly, you may want to review the candidates' positions on poverty and opportunity at

On this non-partisan site, you can also find exclusive commentary by national leaders, recent reports, analyses and data.

Please forward this information to your network and remember to check out for links to the latest research, data, and organizations working on poverty and opportunity.

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Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity is an initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Eos Foundation, and other major national foundations.



Frank Bellizzi said...

Larry, thanks for the links. I'm taking a look.

chris said...

I think one can discount Edwards, the biggest hypocrite going. However, he does have ideas to avoid poverty like charging $55,000 to speak to 1700 students on poverty, not to mention ambulance chasing and working for a hedge fund that was a major player in the subprime lending scheme.

I understand he had absolutely nothing to do with his "poor" neighbors across the road from his mansion.

Anonymous said...

I helped organize an event for Edwards to come to speak about poverty to a group of over 1,000. He charged $0, and even paid for his own hotels and airfare. He is a great man, and your unfounded criticisms say far more about you than about him.

You continue to throw out these sort of claims with no evidence ... and, may I say, no audience. It must be very lonely to be so incredibly angry and alone.

Sorry for the harshness, but I am getting tired of reading your comments.


Larry James said...

Havving spent several hours with Senator Edwards on three different occasions, I'd have to say that I agree with you JG. Politics aside, Edwards is a special person. Chris, you don't have to agree with the Senator or even like him, but I've found that it helps to stick to the truth.

chris said...

On January 9, 2006 Edwards spoke to 1787 students at Davis Branch of University of California and received $55,000. Confirmed by Joe Martin, public relations officer for the campus.

In 2006 he received a total of $285,000 for speaking at nine colleges and universities.

Charles said...

Larry, do you have any thoughts on Mike Huckabee? I don't think I'd be interested in voting for him, but he seems to have a record on mercy and charity for the poor that few others have matched.

Larry James said...

chris, I wasn't really referring to the speech fee, but to your overall attitude. The comment about the neighbors was really over the top. As far as speech costs go, a few years ago Harding University agreed to pay Ann Coulter a similar fee for a speech. Your assumptions about Senator Edwards' personal attitudes and actions toward low income people is what I object to, as well as you spirit of hatred.