Thursday, February 21, 2008

Urban Connection--Austin

For a number of years we have been considering expanding our community development efforts into Austin, Texas. The capitol of our state and home to one of the nation's major universities, the University of Texas, Austin is a key city in many respects.

We considered very seriously undertaking this venture about four or five years ago, just after we expanded into San Antonio. Today Urban Connection--San Antonio is flourishing under the leadership of Leslie Kelsie-Grubbs and her team.

Now seems the time to expand into Austin as Urban Connection--Austin.

As in the case of San Antonio, our key first step was finding a leader up to the challenge. Dean Smith is that leader. We are excited to see our beginning efforts go well. Take a moment and visit the site at the end of the link below. I think you'll be encouraged.

If you'd like more details, don't hesitate to contact me. We need support to insure the continuation of our successful beginning.

Here's the link:



Anonymous said...


That's terrific! Could you please tell us something about Dean Smith - his background, etc. - and who or what (churches, one might hope) are primary supporters of UCA at this point? Just interested.

Eric Livingston said...


How exciting! From living in San Antonio I know what a wonderful impact Urban Connection has had there. I know God will use the UC people in Austin likewise! Certainly Dean will be the perfect leader in that community. I've known Dean and his family since 1993 and he definitely has a passion for the Kingdom!

I assume you're probably reading this too. Congratulations and many blessings in this new role for you in God's Kingdom!

Dean said...

In response to the request for some background information let me share some. I have spent over 30 years preaching for churches in Chicago, San Antonio and Austin. During that time I have also worked with homeless ministries and community development initiating the local clergy associations in two cities and working on the board of a major homeless ministry in another. During my time in San Antonio and Austin I taught undergraduate ministry courses at the Austin Graduate School of Theology. Currently my primary support is a network of friends and interested individuals, but two or three churches from Kerrville to the University Avenue Church of Christ and Journey Imperfect Faith Community in Austin have been helping both financially and with facilities and equipment. I am currently talking with a couple of other churches to interest them in this ministry. Please feel free to contact me at:
Urban Connection - Austin
11900 Metric Boulevard
Suite J-157
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 659-5972
Dean Smith

Dean said...

Hi Eric!

It's great to hear from you again and to read your glowing endorsement. Please give my love to your family. I look forward to seeing some time when we're visiting San Antonio again. Take care, my friend.

Larry James said...

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