Monday, February 04, 2008

Wild idea follow-up. . .Monkey Survey

Help me out.

Follow this link to a Monkey Survey about new ways of "doing church" and connection to the inner city.

Spend two minutes on the survey. It will really help me out!




belinda said...

I attempted to complete the survey, but am not in a leadership position. I'm not currently attending any congregation either - it's become so political around here.

Anonymous said...

that's the problem with surveys - only as valid as their audience. this one is clearly aimed at church leaders, and i cannot imagine we're all such people

Larry James said...

Sorry about the "non-connect" for those who are not into church. I apologize for the irrelevance of this request. Ironically, I'm attempting to offer churches a chance to become more significant in our hurting world. I appreciate all of you who aren't part of churches, but come to this site to join the thought and conversation. Again, thanks for your patience!