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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Community Canoe

John Greenan, our resident canoe expert, sent me this photo of what must be considered the ultimate canoe, especially for anyone interested in a community experience!

John's day job is leading the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation in developing housing for our low-income neighbors. But his heart is always on the water!

I can just seem him guiding us down the Trinity River in this rig!

Thanks, John for the new vision of your ultimate dream!

Anyone ready to sign up for a trip with John?


Janet said...

John~ This would be GREAT for our 30 after-school academy kids. Let me know when you get the canoe and and are ready to guide our kids! :)

SeriousSummer said...

Janet--My brother just attended a meeting up in Michigan with a group that wants to build one of these. I think the connection with the canoe would be much greater if your students built the canoe themselves!

Do you have a 60' by 30' room that we could use for the next five years or so?