Thursday, March 27, 2008

Community organizing paying off

For several months now, Janet Morrison and her team inside Turner Courts in the Rochester Park neighborhood have been working to organize neighbors and city leaders to crack down on the really sub-standard "food stores" in the community.

As I've said here repeatedly, the lack of access to even marginally adequate grocery markets remains a big problem in South Dallas.

Neighbor response to the community organizing efforts has been good and growing.

Now comes this report from WFAA--TV Channel 8 news on the latest results of these efforts.

Take a look at this link.



Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

This is really what it's about...a community banding together piece by piece, an organization to support them day-to-day, and city officials that make sure that every neighborhood has the same safety and opportunities.

We are fortunate. This started by seeing the work that Janet and CDM were doing in the Turner Courts neighborhood. There is always hope. None of us are giving up.

Larry James said...

Michael, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for your hard and devoted work and attention to this neighborhood and to many others like this one. It is an honor to be connected to you and to consider you one of our best leaders and partners in Dallas.