Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Destination Home" on Christian News Focus

Thanks to 90.9 KCBI Dallas/Ft. Worth's "Christian News Focus" program for profiling our Destination Home program.

Below is an audio player for their story, which can also be heard here: I thought it might be encouraging.

It is fairly simple really. This initiative is built upon one realization: Homeless people need places to call home.


Anonymous said...

Nice spot!

Daniel Gray said...

Larry, have you guys done any work with Enterprise? I've met them here in St. Louis, and I noticed they also have offices in Dallas.

They provide some incredible resources and technical assistance to nonprofits for the development of Permanent Supportive Housing among the homeless. (Website:

Larry James said...

Daniel, thanks for asking. Yes, we have been in various partnerships with Enterprise here locally and nationally for many years. They have provided funding, TA and much, much encouragement.