Sunday, March 02, 2008

When atheists love Jesus. . .

I "lifted" this photo from the blog of a person of faith.

The gent on the left in the "Atheists for Jesus" T-shirt is best-selling author and atheist apologist, Richard Dawkins.


Let's see now. An atheist, even a famous atheist, wearing an "advertisement" for Jesus even though he has no faith in God or the idea of a deity.

What's up with that?

I expect it has something to do with the radical, people-honoring values of Jesus. He can be irresistable in that regard.

Wonder what would happen if those who claim to follow Jesus resolved to act like him, especially in regard to other people on the planet?

Here's an idea: Christians shut up. . .er, excuse my harshness. . .stop talking.

No more words.

Just remember what Jesus did and go and do likewise!

Just a thought.



Anonymous said...

I kinda like the T-shirt. I can't stand it when outspoken athiests throw out the baby with the bathwater and declare that all religion and all religious thought is bad and unenlightened(which could really apply to anyone making gross generalities about anything). Even if Dawkins doesn't have religious faith, he's open to Jesus's teachings.

Justin said...

Amen to this post!

c hand said...

Can an athiest ascribe intrisic value to humans? Once he does that, hasn't he moved away from doctrinaire athiesm?